Educational Consulting for Parents


Update on the Availability of Millwood Group Services

During the last four years there has been a significant decline in requests by parents for assistance with special education related issues.  This change in requests for assistance is due in part to Covid caused instructional interruptions, which resulted in significant, across the board learning shortcomings for all students.  Subsequently, almost all schools robustly responded by significantly increasing progress monitoring and then multi-tier intervention as needed. 

A second reason for a decrease in requests for assistance by parents of primary school age children is the fuller implementation by Ohio school districts of screening and intervention required under the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. Children in most school districts who lag behind in reading in grades K through 3 are now receiving appropriate intervention and, where needed, referred for IDEA evaluations.  

Consequently, the Millwood Group services that are available to parents have been adjusted. Following are the new parameters for our services:


- Assistance will be provided for parents who are new to the Millwood Group only in those situations in which it is determined that there is an extreme need and for which assistance cannot otherwise be obtained. Only limited, no-charge, phone consultation will be available.


- Follow-up assistance for former clients will continue to be available. In general, services for former clients will be limited to the no-charge phone support that has always been available to clients.


The effective date for the above changes is January 1, 2023. Please contact us for more information.  

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