Educational Consulting for Parents



Parents seldom come to us with learning how to be an advocate for their child as their most pressing need.  Requests for our services are usually triggered by a school "crisis event."  The "crisis" is always a serious matter and usually needs some immediate attention. But the “crisis event” is almost always not as important as underlying issues that usually have long term implications. 

Initial Consultation

We do not charge a fee for an initial phone consultation.  We will discuss and clarify with you your overview of your child’s case history, your current concerns and questions, and whether or not Millwood Group LLC services match your needs. 

Case History Consultation

Parents of children who have an IEP or a 504 Plan sometimes encounter difficulty getting their child’s needs addressed. Some simply want support at meetings.  Other parents of children experiencing difficulty in school sometimes cannot get their school to do an initial evaluation to determine eligibility for special education.  Regardless of the circumstances, we require a review and analysis of the child’s case history information before we will provide recommendations or attend a school meeting. 

We provide the following services for new clients:

  • Review of Case History Information
    We will provide information for you to use to organize your child's case history information for our review and analysis and then for your use to maintain your child’s file.  Once you organize your child’s information, we will meet with you and review your child’s case history.
  • Analysis and Recommendations
    We will complete an analysis of your child’s case history and then discuss with you our recommendations about letters and other communications to write, meetings to request, testing, and other items pertinent to your situation. 
  • Drafting Documents
    We will assist you to write letters, e-mail messages, etc. that are in our recommendations.
  • Follow-up
    We will provide phone and e-mail support at no additional cost for your implementation of my recommendations as well as suggestions to address any issues that may emerge. 


Please contact us for additional information.

Millwood Group LLC is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice or legal  services.