Educational Consulting for Parents


About Us
Millwood Group LLC was founded by Al Early in 2013.  During the latter years of a long career as a school administrator, becoming an independent consultant who could assist parents with their problem solving for their children who were having significant negative experiences in school, emerged as a career objective.  This objective became a reality when Al retired from school administration in 2013 and the "Millwood Group" became a limited liability company (LLC) through which Al now provides educational consulting services. 

Areas of Special Interest

We have provided assistance for parents regarding a  wide variety of educational problems.  There are, however, a few areas that are of special interest to us as a result of our professional experiences, past training, and continuing education.  These include:

  • Difficulty obtaining or denial of an evaluation for special education
  • IEP concerns due to inadequate educational benefit
  • Section 504 Plans that result in limited achievement
  • Ohio's Third Grade Reading Guarantee
  • Career visioning and post-secondary planning for students

Millwood Group LLC is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice or legal services.